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"Completely changed my life." - u/Dill_lua

Reclaim your life from tech addiction.

Stuck spending hours on Reddit, video games, YouTube and streaming TV?
In just 15-minutes per week, you'll get the external accountability you need to stop procrastinating on your goals and live out your best life.

Join the Free 30-Day Group Accountability Program

How it works.

When you sign up, you'll get added to our private Discord server with others on a similar journey.

At the end of each week, you'll be sent a check-in link. This will bring you to a page with a brief video explaining the week's lesson and focus, followed by a check-in form, which takes 15 minutes to fill.This will have you reflect on the previous week's challenge, then report on how your week went:What's been working?
What obstacles did you face?
What did you learn about yourself?
What can you do better?
What's your challenge for the upcoming week?

Your responses are then shared with your group on Discord, where you can discuss each other's progress.

You'll repeat that on a weekly basis through the 30 days.That’s it.So why even bother?Well, because peer accountability isn’t about reading material and philosophizing about how to change. It’s about actually doing the work necessary to change.When you join the group, you get access to a community of like-minded people who can discuss roadblocks with you, give you advice, and help you stay on track.This can give you the support you need to really reach your goals instead of just thinking about them.And to ensure that you and the others in the channel stay engaged and on track, you're required to put up a $100 stake.It's simple: if you submit your weekly check-ins—which again takes 15 minutes—you'll never get charged. But if you fail to do your check-in, we will charge $100 and give it to charity.

What it does.

Reflective writing requires deep, objective, and honest thinking. It has the power to end critical self-talk, negative thought loops and self-sabotaging behavior.Past participants have reported that the program...

1. Sparks a Positive Feedback Loop

The weekly check-ins will lead to breakthroughs as you uncover your behavioral patterns and their underlying triggers.Then, by articulating your learnings, you'll be primed to refine your system and establish habits. This compounds over time and continues on after the program ends.

2. Creates a Bias towards Action

The content is deliberately sparse in the program. The emphasis is on execution, not information. Quality content isn’t the bottleneck to your success—the lack of action is.

3. Improves self-image

A drastically improved self-image has been the number one outcome of the program—which has been proven to be the essential foundation needed to support growth and positive habits.

Unsure? Listen to what past participants have said.

Completely changed my life. It's actually kind of mind-blowing to think it's only been a month. A month ago I was struggling with procrastination and addiction. I was actively aware that the things I was doing were detrimental to my goals but it was like I didn't care, I didn't have any discipline at all.Now here I am being so productive... I can really see my goals becoming more obtainable by the day.... It's nice to finally be on the other side with insanely positive changes. ==- u/Dill_lua ==

It was just the push I needed. - u/grupos_saple

Felt like I was entirely controlled by my vices a month ago and now it feels like I’ve regained some power over my own mind and body.I’m proud of myself for finishing the program — first time following through on something in a while! It made me feel good to see it to the end and to celebrate the small wins. Thank you. - Andrew K.

My self-image is much better, and I think the program helped—just being able to let go of self-judgment for failure, even a little, let me open up to other ways of doing things and taking care of myself rather than my perception of what I should be. - Tina

If you stick to the approach, it works. If you deviate, but still participate, it works well too. - u/thejjdecay

I'm spending less time on my phone in the evening and this has given me more time to work on my goals. - Jesse Esposito

Self-compassion has literally changed my life. - Arnold M.

I think if you're willing to look at yourself properly, you can see where motivation and behaviour comes from. Good work Simon and Suket. Really helpful program. ==
- u/OneCranberry2796==

It's really nice to be "forced" to create a plan for the week and then reflect on that plan later. Whether I actually do those things is on me, but creating a plan and intention for the week makes it much easier to follow through.Also, the reflection questions can be very insightful to your approach and help you learn from your mistakes or capitalize on what you're doing right. - u/sshadowwxx

I have had 3 cigarettes in the last week, despite all the work stress. I'm extremely proud of myself. - David V.

I feel like [my vices] don't control me as much now, and when I do indulge I am much more conscious of my choices - which allows me more chances to turn away from my vices and towards my work. - Greg B.

The weekly check in really helped me increasing awareness of my intention and my progress towards it. I would recommend everyone to give it a try.- more consistent w/ habits
- higher awareness of how I feel
- Intentional with digital inputs.
- Downgraded to basic phone, wasting time on phone dropped to zero
- Decluttering - got rid of stuff I was not using
- Better at taking breaks
- Calmer
- Better at realizing and managing stress
⠀⠀⠀-Kanav Gupta

My biggest improvement is that I've stopped aiming for perfection. I used to put off work just because I felt I need to get everything right in the first try, but now I tell myself that its okay to make mistakes and not get good marks.This has really motivated me to study out of actual interest, since there is no underlying pressure that is preventing me from it. - Camilla

I don't feel as compelled to check my phone any more. Lots of improvements - I've been regluar with my exercise and diet, and I'm getting a lot of large chunks of reading done.I find myself much happier - I don't need to do specific things or meet a goal to be happy, I can be happy anyway. - Anna

This has been the best program I have come across in a long time. - Brad G. B.

If you want to stop procrastinating and understand the reasons why you are procrastinating in the first place, you definitely must attend this program (and read everything Simon writes). - Tanuja

I can tell you guys (Simon and Suket) care about this program with how you communicate regarding it, I just wanted to say the effort has not gone unnoticed. - Skylar Reid

I have more focused work sessions, I have a higher self esteem. I have to say the community has played a part in that as wellI feel confident and able to achieve my long term vision. I understand there are people who are just like me - who beat themselves up as much as I do - and that has given me a sense of belonging. - Al G.

I have much more self confidence! I understand myself more than I ever EVER have. - Kenzie J.

I gave myself unconditional love and self-acceptance of a caring parent when I was feeling down this week. It is awesome to feel calm, safe, and relaxed! Almost like a switch flip.I am better with food and over-eating!I was able to do a mega productive work session when I planned it all out, focused on important stuff. - Nick M.

Still unsure? Here's are some FAQs:

Is this really free?Yup. The 30-Day Group Accountability Program is completely free, with no hidden costs whatsoever.That means that sign-up, participation, access to your group, and the content comes at absolutely no cost to you.Why do you need my credit card info?Two reasons:1. To keep you accountable and engaged.By having you stake $100, you're "forced" to stick with the program 'til the end. This has increased the program's success rates by 600%.2. To ensure that the group is active and engaged.Nothing's worse than joining a group program that’s Deadsville and void of interaction.As long as you stick to the program and complete your weekly check-ins, you will never be charged.And, if you do miss a check-in, the money goes to charity—not us.
Why do it for free? How do you make money?I genuinely enjoy helping people and aim to keep this accessible to all. It's also a perfect environment for me to share fresh ideas and see how they resonate and can be improved.We ask for a donation at the end, but it's not required at all. If you see good results from the program and want to donate, you can pay however much you think the program was worth.
What if I miss more than one check-in?You get charged $100 for each missed check-in. So if you miss one, you're not off the hook for the others.
What if I have questions or sticking points along the way?Ask away to your group - that’s what they’re there for!
Are you (Simon D.) present in the Discord server? Do you answer questions?Yep, big time. I'm an active moderator and I provide as much encouragement and support as needed.At the same time, I'm no guru and don't claim to know everything. I'm constantly surprised at how insightful your fellow participants can be in discussions.So be active... share your thoughts, experiences and resources! You 100% get what you put in ;)Will I be charged if I check-in consistently, but fail to succeed with my challenge or reach my goals?Nope. As long as you complete all the check-ins on time, you won’t be charged.We believe in self-compassion, self-understanding and self-love over anything else, including hitting external goals. Sustainable growth and success not only starts with those things, but it requires them.Because of this, we are not focused on creating benchmarks for external goals or penalizing you if you don’t reach them. Instead, we want you to take a "systems over goals" oriented focus, with a long-term growth mindset.
What Is the Time Commitment for the Program?The program spans for 30 days, and each week, you will be required to do a 15-minute weekly check-in. These are posted on Fridays and due Sundays, but feel free to complete them whenever it works for you.Beyond that, there are no concrete time commitments—we don’t do video calls, live sessions, required discussions, or anything else. You have the option to share your progress and discuss your goals with your peer group in the Discord group, but this is not a hard requirement.
How Is This Different From a Course?The program is focused on application of the Habit Reframe Method to your day-to-day life rather than getting a ton of theory.There will be limited content and just enough structure for participants to grow at their own pace. It is the best of both worlds—the community of a class paired with the independence of self-learning and discovery.How Do the Charity Donations Work?If you fail to complete your check-ins, by default, your money goes to GiveDirectly, who we are not affiliated with. We donate in one lump-sum at the end of the year on December 30th.If you want your money to go to a more specific charity, let us know. You cannot claim the charitable deduction on your taxes since we do not provide tax receipts in order to keep bookkeeping and legal costs as low as possible.I have another question, how can I contact you?Shoot me a message: simon@simond.meDo I get a prize for making it all the way to the bottom?Sure. Enjoy one free goat emoji:🐐

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